19th – 20th of JANUARY 2012, HOTEL CLERMONT, COVASNA city, Covasna county



The Brokerage event is organised by ASIMCOV ( – The SME Association of Covasna county – and IBA Bucharest ( – The National R&D Institute for Food Bioresources.


The event aim is to identify and to launch new European projects (mainly in Eureka/Eurostars initiative and the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union) for the newcoming deadlines of the calls for proposals (spring 2012). Companies and Research units are invited to join the event and to build new collaborative partnerships to prepare and to submit new applications for the available public funding of the above mentioned programmes.


There is a countinous submission of project ideas to the organisers team, but we would like to prepare the event catalogue as soon as possible, so we would appreciate it if you could send your project ideas on Project Idea Form till 10th of December 2011.


A brokerage event is an advanced tool dedicated for setting up new partnerships and for launching new collaborative project proposals. It is a way to strengthen the cooperation between European industries and research units and to give to European organizations a simple, direct and accessible way to find partners all around Europe.

The event includes plenary sessions, thematic sessions on specific areas, facilities for bilateral discussions. The brokerage event is an appropriate place for the European organizations to present themselves, to show each others their expertise and their collaborative project ideas.




Thematic areas:

  1. improving seeds for agriculture & conservation activities;
  2. development of new improved logistics for lignocellulosic biomass harvest, storage and transport;
  3. plant growth promotion bio-effectors (microorganisms & active natural compound  for alternative plant nutrition strategies in non-leguminous crops;
  4. conversion of renewable raw materials into sustainable and cost-efficient bulk bio-products;
  5. biotechnology for novel biopolymers;
  6. development of seed testing methods for pests & pathogens of plant health concern;
  7. multipurpose trees and non-wood forest products for an innovative forestry in rural areas
  8. feed production from food wastes;
  9. microbially safe water for human consumption;
  10. improved water stress tolerance of crop plants;
  11. multipurpose crops for industrial biproduct and biomass;